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WrestleMania 2 – The Official Program

Andy, a friend of the show, sent us this amazing vintage program from WrestleMania 2, and we wanted to share some highlights with you! It’s a work of art and a great time capsule for an event that (unfortunately) didn’t really live up to the hype. Read our original review of WrestleMania 2, or better yet, revisit our podcast episode on the 1985 Wrestling Classic, which came between WrestleManias 1 and 2 and is more enjoyable than either of those shows.

Clearly it’s been well-loved, but we’re just happy it exists! Andy says he used to page through it all the time as a kid. I don’t blame him at all once I got a look at this beauty.

The official event card. I’m especially impressed they were able to include all of the Battle Royal participants, including…

William “Refrigerator” Perry and…

Ed “Too Tall” Jones. (See, he’s so tall he can stand in a football stadium and be seen from space!) My favorite part is these portraits, though…

A golden god

This one is suitable for framing. I’m probably due for a full post on how much I LOVED Mr. T as a kid. He was my hero. I was convinced we would be best friends if we met in real life. (I was a lonely kid.)

No offense at all to the artist, but I feel like he didn’t *quite* get the face and teeth on this one. Still a pretty dope portrait though.

OMG King Kong Bundy is huge!!

Look at all these studs. I think this is Nikolai Volkoff’s high school yearbook photo. Also, hey Tito Santana! Call us.

Seriously, check out that episode on the Wrestling Classic if you love Junkyard Dog — he’s got a serious star turn in that one. Oh and Terry Funk almost definitely shows up drunk.

What a roster.

Thanks again to Andy for sharing this incredible program with us. Found any cool wrestling-related merch in your garage lately? Shoot us an email or leave a comment, or tweet it at us @wrestlemaniapod.

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