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The Wrestling Classic, 1985

On a special “Not Just WrestleManias” edition of “All the WrestleManias,” we dive into the 1985 Wrestling Classic, a forgotten gem and WWF’s first pay per view after the success of the first WrestleMania. There’s a 16-man tournament, fun with arts and crafts, Junkyard Dog’s incredible theme music (“Grab them cakes!”), a Macho Man promo for the ages, Tim’s thesis on the similarities between pro wrestling and the blues, and much more. Plus, we think we might actually like Adrian Adonis? Send us your comments on Twitter @wrestlemaniapod or by email to

3 thoughts on “The Wrestling Classic, 1985

  1. Tim,I’m really enjoying your podcast. I usually watch some of the wrestling programs on Wednesday or Friday night. It’ all so entertaining to watch all the hype that goes with the bouts. Those guys and ladies really have to be in good physical condition to jump around like they do and smack into each other. Even though lots is staged they must at times really get hurt. I watched one evening where these two guys (can’t remember their names) jumped out of the ring and ran after one another and wound up in the parking garage throwing each other over the cars etc. it was crazy. Wouldn’t a ref. stop the bout before it got to that point?  Do they ever “rehearse” their bouts?Anyway, keep on posting your podcasts. Do you have any idea how many people are listening, and do you get much feedback?I hope your day is going well. Keep in touch.Kathy and Alice

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    1. Thanks for listening, Kathy, and for leaving a comment! I’m having a good laugh imagining you sitting at home watching pro wrestling, lol. They really do some amazing feats of athleticism in and out of the ring! You’re right about them needing to be in good shape and the potential for someone to get seriously injured. From what I understand, “rehearsing” isn’t too common, though sometimes they will sort of talk through “spots” — particular moves or combinations of moves — in advance. Some of the crazier moves may get tested out before they do it live, but there’s really no way to only do some of those moves halfway. Our audience is small, but growing. So far we’ve had 3 full event review posts so far, 2 shorter “popcorn match” posts, and a handful of trailers and teasers — all of those together have been downloaded or listened to almost 130 times. (The episode we posted this morning has been downloaded 9 times, which is a new record for us!) Anyway, thanks again for listening — please do send comments anytime!


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