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WrestleMania VIII

April 5, 1992

Venue: Hoosier Dome, Indianapolis, IN

Attendance: 62,167

Taglines: Friendship Torn Apart! / The Macho/Flair Affair!

Runtime: 2 hours, 41 minutes

RS: If you don’t consider 1991-1992 possibly the best two years of professional wrestling, or at the least the best time period of WWF wrestling, you’re crazy. This time period includes the meteoric rise of a solo Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Mr. Perfect, The Ultimate Warrior, Ric Flair, but the WWF still has vets Macho Man and Hulk Hogan floating around. WrestleMania has truly matured into its prime, packing the Hoosier Dome with a double main event. We have the standard Hulk Hogan storyline of a friendship turned bad and yet Hogan is not to blame, even though if you watched the Royal Rumble of this year, he totally is. Many equate WrestleMania to the Super Bowl, but at this point, it’s clear the WWF is setting their calendar by WrestleMania, so I would argue it’s more similar to the Daytona 500 of Nascar. We see this WrestleMania as the conclusion of storylines and the beginnings of new ones. Every match on this card has a story and matters. There are some incredible, best of all time matches on this card. There’s some really disappointing ones as well. When you watch those specials on best WrestleMania moments, it is surprising to me no one mentions some of the matches from this one. This Wrestlemania is also billed as possibly Hogan’s last. Would we be so lucky??

TH: Reba McEntire hits us with “The Star-Spangled Banner” to kick things off. She sounds pretty good, but she’s no Willie Nelson. I’m really happy to have a run-time under three hours for this one. Honestly, some of these last few have been getting oppressively long. (That doesn’t bode well for the later WrestleManias that stretch into four-hour territory and beyond.) This show has some promising stuff — the first WrestleMania appearances of solo Shawn Michaels AND solo Bret Hart solo, Sid Justice, Tatanka, Natural Disasters, Money Inc, Irwin R. Schyster, Ric Flair, and, umm, the Repo Man and Skinner. This is our first WM without an appearance by Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, which makes me sad, and we’re also missing (but not really) Hercules. British Bulldog, Bobby Heenan (as a manager), Andre the Giant, Mr. Fuji, Demolition, and Rick Rude are also mainstays of the recent ‘Manias missing here. Let’s get into it!


  • The Bushwhackers (Butch & Luke) vs. The Beverly Brothers, with The Genius (dark match)

TH: Our third WM to begin with a dark match. Let us know if you find a video of this online — I’m sure Rich would love to relive his memory of being licked by the Bushwhackers. I have zero memory of the Beverly Brothers.

RS: Did I mention that I was licked by a Bushwhacker? Also, be glad this is a dark match because the Beverly Brothers are terrible and boring. 

  • El Matador (Tito Santana) vs. Shawn Michaels, with Sensational Sherri
Tito Santana as his El Matador character, in green costume with pink books and cape
National Treasure Tito “El Matador” Santana, preparing to lose at yet another WrestleMania

RS: Tito now has his “El Matador” gimmick now because everyone in WWF needs to have a side hustle. Shawn Michael has his Heartbreak Kid persona going now that he’s solo. He doesn’t sing his own entry music yet, though. Heenan and Gorilla make a reference to some traffic issue making the crowd seem thin and that they’re just late. I’ve been to Indianapolis, though, and there’s no traffic compared to living in the Baltimore/Washington corridor. A camera shot during a long hold does indeed reveal a sparsely populated upper deck. This headlock is going on forever and is not engaging at all. If iPhones had been a thing in 1992, everyone in the audience would have been staring at them instead of this match. The ref has a very unfortunate bowl cut. Shawn is showing none of the high energy and exciting moves that made us love him with The Rockers. But, Shawn does sell to Tito so well. Shawn wins in such an awkward finish, you’d think it was WrestleMania 2. Sherri really gets around…

TH: By now you know I’m always excited for National Treasure Tito Santana. He looks great, as usual, and I love The Matador gimmick and outfit, especially the pink boots with the green tights. I don’t know what Tito was eating in the 80s and early 90s, but whatever it was he doesn’t seem to have aged at all. This is our first solo sighting for Michaels, who had been with Marty Jennetty in The Rockers for the last few WrestleManias. Honestly, seeing him here you wouldn’t think he would become such a superstar — he works well with Tito and his heart-themed tights are cool but there’s not much here to get excited about. Sherri Martel, fresh off her scene-stealing performance at WrestleMania VII, is back as Shawn’s manager, hollering and screaming her head off at ringside. There’s a pretty cool flying elbow from Tito that knocks Shawn out of the ring, and Shawn sells the everloving hell out of Tito’s shots, including an atomic drop, but this isn’t a great start to the show. We gotta be running out of Tito appearances soon, which makes me sad.

RS: Time for a long and boring promo with the Mean Gene and the Legion of Doom. They introduce a guy (Paul Ellery) who supposedly has been their long-time manager but just hasn’t been with them until now? I’m confused.

TH: If you tell the crowd what to chant for you, I don’t think it counts. It’s just attention-seeking and lame. L-O-D! L-O-D!

  • The Undertaker, with Paul Bearer vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

TH: Get hype, Rich, the Undertaker is back! Jake Roberts calls WWF President Jack Tunney “senile” during his promo, which made me laugh out loud. Also I’m pretty sure he raises a “People’s Eyebrow” at the end of his promo, so I hope The Rock paid him royalties for stealing that. Good start to this match — I like Jake trying to whip Undertaker from the corner but being unable to budge him. Heenan: “He’s not human!” I’m starting to believe it! Undertaker is in character the whole time — slow movements, methodical shots, hair hanging in his eyes like a 14 year old at Hot Topic. He’s all in. I bet Welcome to the Black Parade is his favorite album. WWF “President” Jack Tunney apparently forbade Jake from bringing Damien the python to the ring anymore, but to be honest I don’t think it would have helped him against the Undertaker. Dead guys just aren’t as afraid of snakes as alive people. Jake nails the big guy with two (two!) DDTs, but we know this is a futile effort — he’s not just going to bury (heh) the Dead Man. The end is as awesome as it is unsurprising. The streak continues.

Bobby from the cartoon King of the Hill attempts a situp (badly)
Rich does his best Undertaker impression

RS: I don’t like that it’s still daylight for the Undertaker’s match. Also, Taker has quickly turned face, after scaring the pants off all the little kids last time. This match is set up from one of the best promos from both Jake and The Undertaker. Jake asks whose side ‘Taker is on and ‘Taker issues a simple reply:  “not yours.” This is one of those wrestling moments seared into my brain, taking the place of useful knowledge such as state capitals and friends’ and family members’ birthdays and anniversaries. ‘Taker is slowly ripping Jake apart. Undertaker’s flying clothesline is always impressive. Jake sneaks in a DDT out of nowhere, but he can’t get to the pin! ‘Taker then does his patented sit-up move. To sit straight up from being prone must take incredible abs, abs I definitely don’t have. Jake goes after Paul after a second DDT, but gets caught and is Tombstoned on the outside of the ring. Taker pushes him back in the ring for the trademark crossed-arm pin and the win. 2-0!

  • Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, WWF Intercontinental Championship match

RS: There’s lots of animosity in the pre-match promo, as Roddy makes some passive insults about growing up with the Hart family. So there’s the feel of a master vs apprentice match. Piper doesn’t like getting leveraged out of the ring and now it’s going to be a nasty fight. Bret and Mr. Perfect put on a top five of all time match at the previous Summerslam so this is feeling like a bit of a letdown so far. Since it’s Piper, it’s only going to be a brawl. Bret hits the cross-body, knocking Piper into the ropes and both guys flipping over the top rope to the floor. What a spot! The ref tells Bret to check his laces, but when he bends over to do so Piper lands a sucker punch uppercut. Man, Bret is busted open. There’s blood everywhere, yet the announcers have to ask whether or not Bret is cut. What match are they watching? While I prefer technical Bret, he can put on a compelling brawl when he wants to. There is blood EVERYWHERE. Piper kicks Bret on his patented elbow drop, and now they’re kneeling and pounding on each other. I don’t know how Bret is still conscious after losing this much blood. With the ref out, Piper dramatically debates using the bell. He chooses not to and pays for it — Bret reverses a sleeper into a pin and wins. What a fight! This is one of those forgotten WrestleMania classics.

Piper helps a bloody Bret Hart from the ring following their WrestleMania 8 match
Let’s go get that Labatt’s, buddy.

TH:  There’s some “Goodbye Roddy” signs as Piper comes to the ring, so I guess he’s retiring again? He’s past his prime here but still looking pretty good, entering to “The Maid of Fife E-O” on the bagpipes. Man, I love Bret’s Canadian accent during the pre-match promo — there’s something so endearing about it. I think he should just invite Piper to have a Labatt’s with him and call it a day. The match is off to a slow start, both men feeling each other out and doing some Olympic-style wrestling moves. But as Rich noted the turn comes when Piper gets bumped out of the ring, and after that it’s on! Both men spill out of the ring and Piper makes a show of holding the ropes so Bret can get back in, but the courtesy doesn’t last long and Piper goes for the cheap shot, with Bret using the shot as an excuse to get some color. He is bleeding COPIOUSLY. The mat looks like my shirt after dinner at the Olive Garden (RS: *snort* HA). Heenan says, “He is busted WIDE open,” and sounds almost giddy about it. I think Roddy reflected on his shared Canadian heritage with Bret before ultimately deciding not to use the bell as a weapon. Man, that was exciting! Roddy takes the belt from the ref and drapes it over Bret’s shoulder before helping his countryman to his feet. I hope Bret’s off to the ER for a few pints of blood.

RS: Lex Luger plugs the World Bodybuilding Federation by fat shaming Gorilla Monsoon and chugging milk.

TH: Weird. So was Lex a white supremacist? Lex seems to have genuinely hurt Gorilla’s feelings with that “fat guy” comment. We still think you’re beautiful, Gino!

  • Big Boss Man, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Sgt. Slaughter, and Virgil vs. The Mountie, The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) and Repo Man, with Jimmy Hart – 8-man tag team match

RS: Ray Combs from Family Feud announces the teams, and he’s camera hogging. It’s not good. It’s interesting that The Mountie, a cop, is bad, but Big Boss Man, also a cop, is good. More nationalism buried in our wrestling. Boss Man goes for a cheap shot on Knobbs and misses but Knobbs sells it anyway, and late. This is a weird match. In the last year, the Nasty Boys were tag team champions, The Mountie was Intercontinental Champ, and Sgt. Slaughter was World Heavyweight Champ. Now, they’re all buried in a mid-card eight-man tag match.

Richard Dawson on the set of Family Feud
Still the best Family Feud host

TH: Wrestling fame is fickle, Rich. The Repo Man is actually Barry Darsow, formerly Smash of tag-team champions Demolition. Now he’s wearing a Hamburgler mask and cackling maniacally next to a fake Canadian Mountie. Unfortunate. Ray Combs says “survey” at least a dozen times in his intro, I guess trying to make sure the crowd knows he’s on Family Feud. For my money, the Family Feud hosts hierarchy goes like this:  Richard Dawson > Louie Anderson > Steve Harvey > Ray Combs > John O’Hurley > Richard Karn. Oh, I’m supposed to be paying attention to this match. Not much to say, really. Repo Man and Big Boss Man are enacting a Keystone Kops skit, I think. I feel bad that Smash has been reduced to this. Virgil is wearing a mask for a broken nose, but it doesn’t save him from getting his ass beat by the Nasty Boys and Repo Man. Hacksaw starts a U-S-A chant from the apron, but it’s unclear why, as The Mountie is the only one in this match who’s not from the U-S-A. The good guys get the win when Virgil pins Knobbs of the Nasty Boys, but I can’t really say that I care.

  • Randy “Macho Man” Savage, with Miss Elizabeth vs. Ric Flair, with Mr. Perfect, WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ric Flair tosses Macho Man Randy Savage over the top rope
Air Macho Man takes flight. The in-flight movie will be 4 hours of Randy Savage promos.

TH: Flair and Perfect cut their pre-match promo with Sean Mooney, and I cackled when Perfect barked, “Shut up, Mooney.” He and Flair deserve each other — two perfect, blonde, a-holes. I bet they both bleach their taints. This is our first WrestleMania appearance of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, who obviously had a long run in NWA and WCW prior to this. (See Rich’s recent Popcorn Match post on the WWF’s competition during this time.) He was always such a perfect heel — the arrogance, the peroxide hair, the swagger, the glittering robe. Mr. Perfect is like his illegitimate son, with tighter abs. Macho Man flat-out runs to the ring, tassels trailing everywhere — he obviously can’t wait to get it on. I don’t care that Macho’s supposed to be the face here, I’m rooting for Flair. I think I’ve mentioned before that I rarely, if ever, saw WCW back in the day, so I was only vaguely aware of Flair. Seeing him here, though, makes me sad that I missed him in his prime. (Fortunately, there’s a ton of his old stuff on WWE Network and elsewhere online.) These guys work well together, with similar body types and styles, and there’s a lot of back and forth with them grinding each other down. Flair sells better than anyone else in the business, ever, and the crowd is losing its goddamn mind. This is the most exciting thing to happen in Indiana since Bobby Knight threw that chair. Jesus, now Flair is bleeding, and it’s a gusher! His peroxide hair always makes the color so dramatic — even a papercut would look like a mangling once you push the blood up into that white hairline a few times. Macho Man hits a HUGE flying elbow off the top and almost gets the pin, but Mr. Perfect interferes, saving the day for the Nature Boy. Now Flair catches Macho Man with a foreign object while the ref is distracted, but still can’t get the pin! Insanity. Perfect hits Macho Man with a chair while the ref is distracted (again) — the WWF needs some better quality control for its referees’ job performance. These guys are really going for it with figure four leglocks, reversals, small packages, etc., all while Miss Elizabeth causes a ruckus ringside. This is main event material if I’ve ever seen it. We get some damn big fireworks after Macho’s win, and he seems genuinely happy as Elizabeth helps him from the ring.

Macho Man Randy Savage tosses Ric Flair over the top rope
Air Nature Boy takes flight. The in-flight movie will be 4 hours of Ric Flair going “Woooo!”

RS: The World Championship match with Flair and Macho Man is a mid-card match. Why? Because of Hulk Hogan’s ego, clearly. Six months before this match, Flair was stripped of the NWA belt for signing with WWF. Fun fact: when Flair showed up in the WWF with his “Big Gold Belt,” WCW sued him for the cost of the NWA title belt. Flair won in court because NWA/WCW champions had to pay a $25,000 deposit, which had not been returned to him when he left; therefore he owned the belt. Anyway, it’s so weird to me that sometimes WWF has the champion introduced first. Macho jumps Flair outside the ring but Mr. Perfect pulls him off. Macho gets some insane air over the top rope when Flair backdrops him. This match is back and forth but we are getting all the classic Flair bumps, including being tossed from the top rope and the flipping Irish whip into the corner. Flair got some color! We’ve got a really bloody show — someone is going to get Hep C. This is how we get ants. The crowd is HOT and into this match. (Yet they still let Hogan have the main event. Whatever.) Macho lands a beautiful flying elbow. Flair is so dirty, it’s great. He is so great at causing a circus spectacle in his matches. “It’s for you baby, wooooo!” Flair is so good, I’d argue that WWF doesn’t deserve him at this point. Wherever Flair goes, so does chaos and it’s amazing and compelling. Another forgotten WrestleMania classic.

TH: Are we sure Ric Flair isn’t a trickster god, a la Loki or Anansi? Can we get Neil Gaiman to rule on this, please? (Neil, have your agent call our agent. Update: We have no agent. DM us on Twitter.)

RS: A terrifying burst of fireworks celebrate the start of Randy Savage’s second reign as champion. Not bad for supposedly having his career ended by Ultimate Warrior, whose absence is definitely felt here. But it’s also amazing how the fans seem to have forgotten about Warrior’s existence entirely.

RS: Backstage with Mooney, Flair gives another psychotic and classic promo with his face covered in his own blood. I’m not sure Flair can talk like a human being. 

TH: Mr. Perfect again: “Shut up, Mooney!” Lolz.

RS: Now we get some clips setting up the dumb Hogan vs Sid match. Sid makes me cringe because whenever I see him, all I can see is the viral clip of him snapping his leg like a glow stick on WCW. I won’t link to it but Google it if you need to vomit or just want to feel icky.

  • Tatanka vs. Rick Martel

RS: Rick gives a nice, racist, anti-Native American promo with a line about Tatanka “scalping” tickets to the event outside. (Get it?!?) I loved Tatanka — he went undefeated yet never got a title shot. I never understood that as a kid, and I kinda still don’t. You like him enough to win like over 100 matches in a row but not to put a title on him? Anyways, The Model is past his prime here and there’s some decent action, but I needed a snack and don’t feel like rewinding for this.

Tatanka in headdress and face paint
Tatanka ready to mess up The Model’s profile. Photo from

TH: I mostly remember Tatanka as an Ultimate Warrior rip-off, and I still have bad feelings towards Rick Martel for turning against National Treasure Tito Santana in WrestleMania V. I’m still not over it, and my therapist is too busy with COVID-19 anxiety cases to let me discuss it at the length I require. Guess I’ll keep self-medicating with bourbon and hope it works out. I see no problems with this plan. Anyway, what’s with Martel’s accent? He’s billed from Cocoa Beach, FL and he’s actually Canadian, but he is doing some kind of weird Latin American accent. I don’t get it. Tatanka takes it to Martel early, while The Model’s hair remains unmussed. Must be Vidal Sassoon. I’m pleased to learn that Tatanka, nee Chris Chavis, is actually of the North Carolina Lumbee tribe, so at least there’s no cultural appropriation going on here. Tatanka gets the win and The Model goes back to Florida or the Days of our Lives set, I’m not sure which.

  • The Natural Disasters (Earthquake & Typhoon) vs. Money Inc. (Irwin R. Schyster and Ted “Million Dollar Man” DiBiase), with Jimmy Hart, WWF Tag Team Championship match

TH: The Natural Disasters are the faces here, which is interesting — I only remembered Earthquake as a heel. Irwin R. Schyster, aka Lawrence Michael Rotunda, aka Mike Rotunda, one half of the U.S. Express with Barry Wyndham, who lost the tag team titles to the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff at the very first WrestleMania, joins Ted DiBiase in Money Inc. I really liked Typhoon in his Tugboat phase, when he wore ill-advised vertical red and white stripes and a white sailor’s hat, a la Gilligan, and teamed up with Hulk Hogan. There’s too many shots of Earthquake’s undercarriage for my taste here. Typhoon and Ted hit each other with a double clothesline that’s slower than Beltway traffic on a Friday afternoon. This match is a snooze, unfortunately, especially given the talent of Ted DiBiase. Ted and IRS grab the belts and just wave off their man-mountain opponents, giving them the loss but allowing them to retain their belts. What a crock!

Typhoon holds Irwin R. Schyster (IRS) by his tie as IRS cowers on the floor
Typhoon is not happy about being audited

RS: I love Money Inc. and not the Natural Disasters. It’s clear the crowd doesn’t really care about this match. At all. Money Inc is clearly a heel team (after all, one of their members is the embodiment of the IRS!) but I’m not sure about Natural Disasters. After the insanity of Flair vs Macho Man, it’s hard to care about these undercard matches again. A weird match that ends in a countout. The WrestleMania countout tradition continues.

TH: There’s a Mean Gene interview with Brutus Beefcake, in which Gene references the 1990 parasailing accident that nearly killed BB and completely disfigured his face, requiring dozens of screws and wire to put him back together. Brutus isn’t ready to get back into action, but he’s happy to talk up Hulk Hogan, whom he’s spent his whole career emulating.

  • Owen Hart vs. Skinner
Please, Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em

RS: Owen makes quick work of Skinner, who is a waste of time. I just don’t know how Owen fights in those parachute pants.

TH: This is getting to be a bad habit — the penultimate match to kill some time before the main event. Owen looks like a rodeo clown in those pants. WTF was that? I’ve been doing some day drinking and thought I might have blacked out and missed something, but nope, it’s just… over.

  • Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice, with Harvey Wippelman

TH: Pre-match, Vince and Hogan give the most low-key Hulkster interview I’ve ever seen. Hulk is quiet and reflective, unsure of whether this might be his last appearance in the WWF. Heading to the ring, he looks old and a little tired. Sid jumps him before the opening bell and Hulk fights back, tossing Sid out of the ring and making some space to pose for the crowd. Heenan: “They’re acting like he’s some sort of god. He’s just a human being. An annoying human being.” Seconded, Bobby. This is a really shitty main event, Hulkster running through his usual spots — the beatdown, the hulking up, the comeback spot, etc., til there’s some random interference by Papa Shango (aka The Godfather), a disqualification, and a rescue by the Ultimate Warrior. I’m not really sure what I just watched, tbh. Bizarre.

Sid Justice on the cover of a wrestling magazine with the headline, "The Second Coming of Hulk Hogan." Other headlines: "The Desert Storm Rages On! Hulk Hogan Won't Stop until Sgt. Slaughter is Obliterated.{
LOL at that headline. No, just no.

RS: Sid’s manager Harvey Whippleman now has a doctorate, apparently. Why is this the main event? Again, because the WWF doesn’t trust not having Hogan as the last image you see at the end of a pay-per-view. At the Royal Rumble earlier this year, Ric Flair won the match when Sid eliminated Hogan, but Hogan felt so cheated he pulled Sid over the top rope with him. Instead of seeing Flair get the belt and celebrate, we get Hogan screaming in the middle of the ring and Flair quietly walking to the back with the belt. As we’ve pointed out before, Hulk is a heel but the crowd won’t accept it. This match is so boring even though the crowd is foaming at the mouth. Sid is an absolute unit but I don’t find him interesting to watch. Like, at all. Unlike Hogan vs. Warrior in WrestleMania VI, the test of strength in this match is boring and predictable. Of course Hogan will recover. Hogan is skating through this match on his previous record of charisma, not the work he’s doing here. This whole match is nothing but rest holds. Hogan’s twitch sell is kind of offensive? Oh look, Hulk is no-selling now because it’s been ten minutes of boring shit. Well, that’s fun, Sid kicks out of the leg drop. They rang the bell because Whippleman jumped in the ring and now Papa Shango came down to fight? Surprise! It’s The Ultimate Warrior to help Hogan! Everyone in the crowd has pissed their pants. Warrior gets triple the pop Hogan did. Maybe WWF hitched their wagon to the wrong pony right now… My wife walked in and saw Hogan posing and had a repulsed look on her face. “They’re just so gross. Did you think they were gross then?” “Yeah, I never understood how they got that tan.”

Best Match

RS: This one is close between Piper vs Hart and Flair vs. Macho Man. I’m going to have to give it to Flair and Macho Man. The color, the drama, the theatrics, the spectacle. Flair still looks like a fish out of water in WWF, but he is an absolute delight to watch and experience here. This is a dream match that is buried in the mid-card and seemingly forgotten. I’d put this match in the top 10 of all WWF World Championship matches.

TH: This one goes to Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper. To this point, I haven’t been particularly impressed by anything Roddy has done in the ring at a WrestleMania, but he really brought it here against one of the greatest of all time, Bret Hart. Bret getting busted open and bleeding all over the place was a nice touch, but these guys get the “Best Match” nod for the way they work together, and the mutual respect at the end. Excellent show, fellas.

Worst Match

TH: The Owen Hart vs. Skinner match is a real contender since it’s so short and pointless, but there’s actually nothing technically wrong with it. So instead I’m going with the main event, Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice. A complete waste of time, entirely geared towards feeding the Hulk Hogan fame machine which is running on fumes at this point. Hogan does his usual 5 moves; Sid is huge but not really able to deliver anything compelling; and the ending is a confusing and unsatisfactory mess. I’d say it’s a let down, but Hulkster previously delivered a pretty lackluster “main event” vs. Sgt. Slaughter at WrestleMania VII so it’s not a complete surprise. Looking back at these events now, it’s clear that McMahon recognized his golden goose was getting to the end of its egg-laying years (hence why we’ve had two WrestleManias in a row where a midcard match is at least as good, if not better than, the supposed main event.) I’m ready for the 90s WWF stars to take over now.

RS: I was going to say the 8 man tag because of how it was filled with elevated talent that should have never been, but I’m going to also pivot to the “main event” of Hogan vs. Sid. Sid has never impressed me. Hogan is old, tired, and boring here. Having watched a good portion of the lead-in story here, it makes no sense that Hogan is the face. Hogan caused Sid to get eliminated after his own elimination and then proceeded with a three-month gaslighting campaign that drove Sid to insanity. Hogan is a garbage human being and bamboozles the fans constantly. Then, he gets in this match and does nothing. Sid does nothing. Get this garbage off my tv, I’m going to go touch myself while watching Bret vs. Piper and Bret vs. Mr. Perfect on repeat. 

Oh Sh!t Moment

Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan in the ring after Warrior comes to Hulk's rescue
“Bro, where were you when I was getting my ass kicked by Sid Justice?” “Getting my face paint on so I could come help you, Bro.” “Bro.”

RS: The Ultimate Warrior showing up at the end and running out like a goddamned maniac. I think this is our first surprise reveal comeback at a WrestleMania and it’s a great one. I legit said “Oh Shit!” when he screamed his way to the ring.

TH: Not one particular moment, but both Bret Hart and Ric Flair bleeding like stuck pigs in their matches elicited a couple of “Oh sh!ts” from me. It seems like we’re transitioning from the comic book 80s to a more edgy product for the 90s, so I’ll be curious to see if that trend holds for WrestleMania 9!

Overall Rating

TH: I’d give this one a 3 overall. Not the worst we’ve seen, but also pretty unmemorable. The “main event” was a forgettable mess, but there were a couple of legitimately great matches, especially Macho Man vs. Flair and Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper. This is also the end of an era, as this is the last time Gorilla Monsoon called a WrestleMania. Thank you and RIP, Gino.

RS: I’d give this a weak 3.5. The stunning windows of excellence on the undercard helps me forget the garbage Hogan match. But, if you have a chance, watch the other pay-per-views that surround this ‘Mania because all of them are better than this show. The Royal Rumble is fantastic, and Summerslam has Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect, which is probably a top-5 match of all time and the best Intercontinental Championship match ever. But, this ‘Mania features possibly the #2 IC match ever with Bret and Piper and blood. Blood everywhere. Hopefully the Red Cross was on site. This WrestleMania could have gotten a 4 if they had used those mini-ring carts again.

In Memoriam

Animal (Legion of Doom), d. 2020

Paul Bearer, d. 2013

Big Boss Man, d. 2004

Ray Combs, d. 2006

Earthquake, d. 2006

Howard Finkel, d. 2020

Owen Hart, d. 1999

Hawk (Legion of Doom), d. 2003

“Lord” Alfred Hayes, d. 2005

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, d. 2017

Joey Marella, d. 1994

“Sensational” Sherri Martel, d. 2007

Miss Elizabeth, d. 2003

Gorilla Monsoon, d. 1999

Mr. Perfect, d. 2003

“Mean” Gene Okerlund, d. 2019

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper, d. 2015

Randy “Macho Man” Savage, d. 2011

Ultimate Warrior, d. 2014

Black and white photo of Gorilla Monsoon in his wrestling days, white scary facial hair and black trunks
Robert “Gino” Marello, aka Gorilla Monsoon, 1937-1999

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