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Welcome to All the WrestleManias!

This project started in November 2020, when two friends and lifelong wrestling fans found themselves with lots of time on their hands and decided to watch all of the WrestleManias, 1985 to present, in order and write about them. Since January 2022 we’ve expanded to a podcast, but we’re maintaining this page for the occasional blog post. Read more on our About page, check out our social media links, and subscribe below if you want to follow along with this project!

Latest Posts

Royal Rumble 2023 Preview We sit down and talk about our thoughts and predictions on this year’s Royal Rumble! Who will win? Who will be left? What’s going on with WWE’s advertising? What children’s programming is driving Rich nuts? What are the good restaurants in LA Knight’s home town? Plus much more!! Be sure to click subscribe and…


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